Writing A Business Plan:

Writing A Business Plan: The Basics

So your business is now booming and has reached a stage where it needs more capital so as to expand its reaches and compete favorably in the market. First we say congratulations because you now need more capital to expand your business. Well there are various ways of raising this capital for your business and famous among them all is to invite interested investors to invest in your business. But before going out there to seek investors, you will need to draft out a business plan first. Yes! You will be asked to submit it.

So what is a Business Plan anyway?

business plan is simply a formal statement that contains the set goal and objectives of a business and the steps that will be taken in order to achieve these goals and objectives. When you ask someone to invest some sum in your business, you will normally be asked to submit a plan. The business plan you submit makes the difference between a YES and a NO to your proposals.

This article guides you through the process of writing a convincing business plan that will surely earn you a YES from the lips of potential investors. Off we go!

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Elements of a Good Business Plan

If you truly want to catch the mind of your potential investors then your business plan MUST contain the following details.

Executive Summary: Here you just need to tell your potential investors what this document is all about. Of course it’s just a business plan so they should read on. But you can’t force them to read on so you need to begin with a catchy sentence.

Company Overview: Here you need to give brief history of your business. Remember to keep it BRIEF and NICE. This is also a very good place to tell your potential investors about your products and services. Yes what you do.

Organization: Here is where you state the location and structure of your business, who your partners or workers are, how many workers you have currently, etc.

Mission and Vision: Here is where you show your potential investors that you are truly focused. You should be able to outline your visions for the future. Remember this part is very important so take your time.

The Investment: Here you need to state how much you need from a potential investor, what you intend doing with the money, what will be the profits of your potential investor(s) within a specified period of time and when you intend returning the money (if you don’t intend selling shares).

Some Success Stories: your investors will want to know what successes your business has recorded since inception so let them in.

Want Help With The Writing?

Following all the above rules should help you write a convincing business plan. If however you are still confused on what to write or how to put things together, our experienced content creators can help you write one. Just mail us and we are off…


Good Luck!

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