Meaning of Backlinks And Their Effects On WebPages Explained

Hello, I thought I should take my time today to explain what backlinks actually mean and how they affect your website or blog. There may be other sites that have discussed this topic but I want to go in details.

Now if you went to the market to get some clothing for yourself and all of a sudden you discovered lots of other buyers were trooping into a particular shop, what will come to your mind? Well if you ask me I will say you are wondering why this was so and perhaps would want to try out the shop too. That is exactly the effects of backlinks on a website.

Backlinks otherwise known as inbound links are those links that point to a web page. If for example Mr. A and Mr. B are two men with different blogs, and Mr. A placed the link to Mr. B's blog on his (Mr. A's) blog, we say Mr. A is giving a backlink to Mr. B and vice versa.

The above simply means that when you place the link to your blog on another blog, website or forum, that will be called a backlink.

So does backlinks have any effects on your blog? Yes and let's discuss some.

Effects of Backlinks On A WebPage

Backlinks have mainly three effects on a web page.

Page Popularity

When many sites are "voting" for your blog or business website by way of giving a backlink to it, it simply suggests that your website is popular and of course relevant on the internet. This suggestion is not only recorded by humans but also by search engines- all to your credits.

Page Rank

When it comes to calculating the page rank of a web page search engines accord more respect to those sites with more quality backlinks. This is obviously because search engines believe that those site with more number of backlinks are relevant.

More Traffic

Apart from the fact that your blog or website stands a chance of showing up more often on search engine result pages (SERPs), when you have many sites linking to yours, visitors to those sites linking to yours may decide to also check out your website.

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Now that you know what backlinks are, in a subsequent post we shall discuss various ways to get quality backlinks to your website. 


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