How to Get Free Quality Backlinks

How to Get Free Quality Backlinks to Your Website

In a previous post where we discussed the meaning of backlinks, we did mention that backlinks are one of the most essential building blocks for making a blog or website rank high in search engines. Therefore, any efforts made to build quality backlinks to your business website cannot be called "wasted."

Many people keep asking questions like "where to get quality backlinks, how to get quality backlinks?" and all of that. Yes, the reason for these "backlink questions" are obvious. As the days roll by, backlinks keep dominating the subject of search engine optimization.

Where to Build Backlinks

The best known ways of building free quality backlinks are:

  • Backlinks from Article directories. 
  • In-text links from other websites or blogs in similar niche.
  • Links from genuine comments on top ranking blogs. 
  • Links from forum where like minded people meet together to discuss problems and solutions in the same niche. 
  • Profile Links from social networking sites, forums and membership sites in similar niche.
  • Links from social media networks due to re-tweet, facebook like and re-shares of link by followers and social users.

Backlinks from Article Directories

This kind of backlinks are gotten by submitting high-quality contents to top article directories for publication. These article directories usually provide authors with a place to place their links.

Backlinks from top article directories are considered to be the best option for building quality backlinks since most of these directories have successfully earned the respect of search engines..

In-text Links

This method involves placing the links of a website within the contents of other websites. This is achieved by Guest posting on other blogs. In-text links are also considered as "quality backlinks."

Links from Blog Commenting

Though the effectiveness of building backlinks via this method can not be compared with the two backlink building methods above, leaving genuine comments on other blogs (mainly do-follow blogs) with a link back to your own website can help in improving your site's performance on search engines.

Links from Forums

Yes, top quality forums can help you to build quality backlinks to your website and of course to boost your traffic. You need to become an active member in top forums on the internet and start exploring the juicy backlinks from forums.

Links from Social Profiles

Yes, if you are a social media addict like me, you can place links on your profile page and let search engines see them.

Bad Habits In Link Building

While doing all you can to build quality links to your website is a great idea, you can land in trouble if you over do it. Also, some links are actually not relevant. So here are some bad habits in link building.

  • Buying backlinks.
  • Using low quality keywords as anchor texts.
  • Having more outgoing links than incoming links.
  • Linking to too many sites with low ranks.
  • Linking to Nofollow blogs

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I hope this helps you to build free quality backlinks to your website.


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