SEO Mistakes to Avoid

8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid on your Business Website & Blog

Your success in business is determined by the amount of visitors that actually visit your business website. Hence the role of search engines in your success as a business cannot be ignored.

Most people who visitaa business websites or blogs don't necessarily know the URL of these websites or blogs in a real sense but when your website is search engine friendly, you will have no problem with getting traffic because your website's friends - search engines will always send people to read your blog or check out the services on your website. Who wouldn't help a friend?

On the other hand, you lose relevant traffic if your website is not search engine friendly.
Search engines have certain principles they follow when determining whether your business website and it contents are search engine friendly or not.

In this pot we are looking at some common SEO mistakes you make that can actually harm your position in search engine result pages. Ready? Let's go then!

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1, When outgoing links are more than incoming links: The theory of backlinks is a serious deal as far as search engines are concerned. They count how many links are pointing to your website from outside and also how many links your website is pointing to? As you would expect, if the number of outgoing links exceeds the number of incoming links, your website is seen as inferior

That doesn't mean your shouldn't link to other sites but only link to those websites that deserve it and if you must link to any other site (which perhaps doesn't deserve a link), you can add a "nofollow" tag to the link. Example LINK TEXT this will make search engines to see that link as an ordinary text and not a link.

2, Misuse of the h1 tag: While the h1 tag is very important on a webpage. Most search engines require you use just one per page. But other header tags like h2, h3, h4, etc, can be used as many times as possible.

3, The "Alt" tag in your images are empty? Major search engines require you use the alternate attribute in your images to describe what the images are. If you have been missing this then your blog or website is not search engine friendly.

4, Linking to a page using same anchor texts more than once: If for example the word football is a very important keyword on your website or blog and suddenly you decided to link to a page using that "football" as your anchor text, the value of this keyword on your page will reduce if your repeated it more than once as an anchor text.

5, No bold texts? It is always a good practice to bolden all your major keywords on a page.

6, Linking to low sites You can do this but with caution. If you link to too many inferior websites or blogs you may not move up quickly on search engines' page rank.

7, Too many characters in your meta keywords: Most search engine bots find it difficult to handle more than 160 characters as meta keywords. Hence your site may be tagged as unfriendly if they find too many characters in your meta tags.

8, No keyword in meta description? Some search engines like it when they are able to find some words in your meta keyword tag also being repeated in your meta description tag.

I will try to be updating this list but for now, those are some common SEO mistakes you should avoid.


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